Sports Medicine TeleMedicine Now Available

Dr. Catherine Logan

Catherine Logan

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We are here to serve your Sports Medicine Injury needs with TeleMedicine consultations!
We recognize the COVID-19 situation is unprecedented and challenging. It presents a rapidly evolving set of circumstances. In an effort to reduce patient and health care worker exposures, we have been working diligently to create effective telemedicine care.

To facilitate patient care and to reduce exposures, we are now offering patient visits via video conference. 

What would this appointment entail?

Dr. Logan will evaluate your sports medicine injury via video conference. You will be asked to demonstrate functional movements, therefore, wearing athletic apparel is optimal. Dr. Logan can assist in the development of an electronic home exercise program or connect you with a physical therapist who is working with patients via TeleMedicine. 
How can I schedule an appointment?

Patients with Sports Medicine concerns may call our office and speak with Alex Becker, ATC to help determine if they are appropriate for TeleMedicine vs evaluation at an urgent care/ED. 

Call: 303-218-4255

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