rehab tools

Stretch Out Strap:

stretchoutstraptechnique book + strap, ideal for travel or to keep in your gym bag

6’4″ woven nylon strap with 10 individual loops: Authentic design proven to be durable and long-lasting; will not easily wear or tear even with heavy use, unlike imitation straps




I bought this gem 10 years ago, keep it by my bedside + bring on snowboard trips. Prevents my calves from getting tight after long days standing at work.


Zone Board:


I use the Zone Board with my patients during their post-op rehab and injury prevention protocols.

It has multiple levels of difficulty, allowing modifications to fit the individual’s needs. I also use it in the office for strengthening/balance/proprioception.




My Favorite Foam Roller:

foamrollerBest mix of stretch – release – massage with good durability.

Easily fits in your suitcase during to use while traveling.