Episode #3: Dr. Giunta on Ankle Mobility

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Ankle Mobility Assessment

Ankle mobility is an area commonly missed with lower extremity impairments. It can also be the source of other compensations down the line if not trained appropriately. If you have pain in your hips or knees or are unable to get low enough while squatting, these exercises are for you.


Getting Clients Engaged

Mike Giunta, DPT provides his recs on getting clients engaged with their rehab


Ankle Mobility Case Study / Professional Athlete

Mike Giunta, DPT takes you through a case study involving a professional tennis player

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Increasing Ankle DF Following Ankle Sprain

Static-stretching intervention as a part of standardized care yielded the strongest effects on dorsiflexion after acute ankle sprains. The existing evidence suggests that clinicians need to consider what may be the limiting factor of ankle dorsiflexion to select the most appropriate treatments and interventions. Investigators should examine the relationship between improvements in dorsiflexion and patient progress using measures of patient self-reported functional outcome after therapeutic interventions to determine the most appropriate forms of therapeutic interventions to address ankle-dorsiflexion limitation.

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