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April 30, 2020

I hope this week you are all doing well in the setting of the COVID-19 pandemic. Per request, I have put some repeat resources at the end of this week’s newsletter. Thank you to the those who continue to work creatively and safely to care for patients around the country

The Effect of Two Different Concurrent Training Programs on Strength and Power Gains in Highly-Trained Individuals
SourceJournal of Sports Science and Medicine (2018)
Clinical Question: To compare effects of concurrent training incorporating Low-Volume, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) vs. High-volume, Medium-Intensity Continuous Endurance Training (CT).
Points to Consider: 16 elite hockey and rugby players were divided into two groups: 
CT (n=8) or HIIT (n=8) in parallel with resistance training (RT)

  • CT: 40-80 minutes at 70% of VO2max
  • HIIT: 8-24 Tabata intervals at ~150% of VO2max
  • RT: 2-6 sets of heavy parallel squats, >80% of 1RM

Bottom Line:
Parallel squat performance improved after both RT+CT and RT +HIIT with NO difference between groups (improvement was 12 +/-8% and 14+/-10%, respectively).
Aerobic power (VO2max) only improved after RT + HIIT (4=/-3%, p<.01).
In sum… Volume/intensity did not influence magnitude of strength improvements, however, given VO2max improvements in RT+HIIT, the authors recommend HIIT+RT as a time efficient protocol for concurrent endurance training.
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Mark Glicini is a professional lacrosse player, certified fitness trainer & nutritionist, mental coach, and peak performance specialist. 

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