Psychological Barriers After ACLR

Catherine Logan

September 3rd, 2019

Psychological Barriers After ACLR: A Clinical Review of Factors Influencing Postoperative Success
Source: Sports Health, first published August 30, 2019
Clinical Question: Do psychosocial factors following ACL injury directly influence at individual’s decision to return to sport following ACLR?
Bottom Line: Psychosocial factors relative to injury are important components of the rehab process.
Points to consider: While there is no simple way to evaluate for or to address these psychosocial factors – providing an opening for patients to express their emotions, experiences and perceptions during the rehabilitation process is important. Starting the conversation can lead to their willingness to seek counsel or care.
Takeaway: Just acknowledging these psychosocial factors by clinicians (therapists, trainers and physicians) goes a long way!

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