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with Sports Surgeon, Dr. Catherine Logan

March 8, 2020

A Multifactorial Approach to Overuse Running Injuries: A 1-Year Prospective Study
SourceSports Health, first published January 29, 2020
Clinical Question: Compared to uninjured runners, do injured runners exhibit different biomechanics, display more fatigue changes, have different weekly volume or report previous injuries?
Points to Consider: Cohort (Prospective), Level 4. 76 runners completed the study (39 reported an injury; 22 male, 17 female). Participants completed weekly training diaries and were monitored for 1 year for an injury.
Bottom Line: Factors which may be related to injury for male runners include:

  • being heavier
  • running a greater weekly distance
  • exhibiting fatigue changes in mediolateral center of mass accelerations

Factors which may be related to injury for female runners include:

  • being heavier
  • having an injury in the previous year
  • running with longer flight times & lower step frequencies
  • increasing speed training prior to injury

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