The Injury Report

with Sports Surgeon, Dr. Catherine Logan

Podcast Episodes

Episode #: Episode 5: Mental Skills with Hannah Huesman

Episode #: Dr. Lau on Blood Flow Restriction

Episode #3: Dr. Giunta on Ankle Mobility

Dr. Giunta on Ankle Mobility

Episode #2: Dr. Gavin Ongsingco on the Overhead Press

Is the overhead press safe? Dr. Logan interviews Dr. Gavin Ongsingco on the utility of this shoulder exercise. Answers to this question and many others as you learn about CrossFit and Functional Fitness from Dr. Gavin...

Episode #1: Dr. Chelsea Ortega on Sports Concussion Recovery

Chelsea Ortega, DPT shares her expertise on how physical therapists can play a crucial role the concussion recovery process with both recreational and professional athletes.  

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