ACL Injury Prevention Program Now @ Centennial

ACL Injury Prevention Screening is now available with our team

High-Tech, Expert Screening & Training for Competitive & Recreational Athletes

A bit about ACL Injury Prevention…

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The medical literature has found multiple risk factors for ACL injury, which include extrinsic factors (playing surface and conditions), genetic factors (familial predisposition, collagen polymorphisms), anatomic factors (tibial slope, notch width), hormonal factors, and biomechanical/neuromuscular factors (landing and jumping techniques and strength). While some risk factors are “non-modifiable,” neuromuscular training can be employed as an effective tool in the prevention of ACL injury.

Our Team:

Dr. Catherine A. Logan is an Orthopaedic Surgeon specializing in sports medicine. After practicing as a PT for 7 years, she entered medical school at Tufts. Dr. Logan completed her Orthopaedic Surgery residency at Harvard, followed by fellowship at The Steadman Clinic in Vail, CO. She also travels internationally and nationally as a member of the Team Physician pool for the US Ski & Snowboard teams. As a former physical therapist and personal trainer, she provides a unique expertise in sports injury prevention, treatment and recovery.

Bridget Van Boxtel, PA-C, ATC is a physician assistant and athletic trainer with Dr. Logan. The favorite part of her job is keeping patients active and returning them to their preferred activities after injury. In her free time, you can find her outdoors skiing, mountain biking and hiking with her husband, Nate, and dog, Pratt.

Alex Becker, ATC, SA is an athletic trainer and surgical assistant who has always had a passion for helping athletes return to what they love to do. Outside of work, she enjoys snowboarding, hiking and camping in the mountains, listening to music at Red Rocks and cheering for her Fighting Texas Aggies and Green Bay Packers.

Team Picture OrthoONE.jpeg

(Left to Right) Bridget Van Boxtel, PA-C/ATC,  Alex Becker, ATC/SA, &  Dr. Logan


Our Assessment:

Schedule Your Assessment, Call: 303-218-4255

Performed at 3 time points surrounding an 8-week training period:

Initial Assessment – Midpoint Retest – Final Assessment

Each assessment includes the Biomotion Analysis, Force Mat Testing and the Functional Movement Screen.


Biomotion Analysis with a 2-camera sensor system, enabling calculation of joint angle during common functional movements, such as squatting and jumping. In comparison to the majority of products available on the market, our system uses no infrared technology but utilizes image-based techniques. High quality video recordings with high frame rates and high resolutions are captured and saved using synchronized industrial cameras.



Boditrak 1Force Mat Testing to assess jump and hop landing mechanics and force distribution. This tool allows us to guide assessments, improve patient outcomes and differentiate your sport-specific technique using real-time force & balance data.



63CEFD60-DF85-4BF3-A48D-112B5EBB975FFunctional Movement System Screening to evaluate for strength, flexibility and movement quality deficits, as well as recognize movement patterns that support sport-specific activities. This data enables us to prescribe individualized exercise recommendations to correct the body asymmetries we know are a risk factor for injury.

After this comprehensive Initial Assessment is performed, an individualized Needs Assessment is provided to one of our hand-selected training Partners with our training recommendations. Testing is repeated at 4-weeks and 8-weeks by our team. Testing is performed at OrthoONE (Centennial, CO) or at our partner sites (on select dates).

Total Cost of 3 Assessment Sessions: $395


Our Partners

Our Preferred Partners have been hand-selected due to their expertise in training and rehabilitation. We recommend participation in group or individualized training at a minimum of two times per week for 8 weeks.


STEP ONE: Schedule Your Assessment, Call: 303-218-4255 (Alex Becker, PT can also help address additional clinical questions when you call)

STEP TWO: Schedule your training session pack with one of our partners.

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