Risk of Secondary ACL Injury

Wiggins and colleagues performed a review of the literature to evaluate age and activity level as the primary risk factors in reinjury after ACLR. Overall, the total 2nd ACL reinjury rate was 15% (ipsilateral reinjury rate of 7%, contralateral injury rate of 8%).

The authors reported: “The secondary ACL injury rate (ipsilateral + contralateral) for patients younger than 25 years was 21%. The secondary ACL injury rate for athletes who return to a sport was also 20%.

adult athlete cramps field

Combining these risk factors, athletes younger than 25 years who return to sport have a secondary ACL injury rate of 23%.

This systematic review and meta-analysis demonstrates that YOUNGER AGE and a return to HIGH LEVEL OF ACTIVITY are salient factors associated with secondary ACL injury.

The authors point to the following as options to reduce the second injury in this population of younger, high-level athletes

  • better identify rehabilitation and return-to-play guidelinesaction athlete athletes athletic
  • Implement integrative neuromuscular training may help athletes more safely reintegrate into sport and reduce second injury in this at-risk population.

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