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This week’s feature is a guest blog with Sterling’s Team Speed, a leader in speed and agility training and sports performance training in the South Denver Metro area. 

Return to Sport After an ACL Injury

As an athlete, it’s essential to understand how to return to sport after an injury. Because injuries are so common, specifically injuries involving the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), you’ll want to make sure you take the proper measures to get back in the game.

ACL Injury pic soccer.pngOver 100,000 ACL reconstruction surgeries are performed each year to ensure patients restore their knee stability and kinematics. Once an athlete has undergone ACL reconstruction surgery, the next step is rehabilitation and easing back into play.

In this blog, we will better explain how to work with a fitness professional after an ACL injury to successfully return to your preferred sport.

Return to Sport After an ACL Injury

Get Started

Before you even undergo ACL surgery, you should work with your surgeon to find an experienced physical therapist and sport performance coach. The reason you’ll want to find both a physical therapist and a sport performance coach is because they can provide the rehabilitation programs needed to help you return to your sport post surgery.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Once you’ve started to heal, it’s the perfect time to start working with your sport performance coach that is trained in return to sport programs. These programs can help you start to reach your recovery goals and ensure you regain your strength and stability.

A program with a sport performance coach can also help you regain your mental state, which can be severely hindered after a sports injury. A coach can help you feel like an athlete again, get a good sweat going and get you back into that competitive frame of mind.

What a Sports Recovery Program Entails

A sports recovery program will help take care of the body and avoid further injuries. To help your body recover, you can use heat, ice, compression and stretching. Below are the items that will help you regenerate and repair your muscle tissue and become stronger.


Sports Recovery Tools:

  • Hot and cold therapy tubs
  • Compression boots
  • Spin bikes
  • Foam rollers
  • Therapy balls
  • Bands


Return to Your Sport

With help from your surgeon, physical therapist and coach, you’ll be able to confidently get back into the game. They will determine when you can fully return to play through a series of strength and conditioning tests. The reason it’s so important to return to your sport through a process and program is because it can encourage overall improvement and prevent re-injury.

Benefits of a Return to Sport Programs:

  • Includes a comprehensive approach to recovery
  • Helps athletes regain strength
  • Mentally prepares athletes to return
  • Keeps athletes focused on their goals
  • Encourages athletes to recover and heal
  • Prevents re-injury

Contact Sterling’s Team Speed

Sterling’s Team Speed offers a great Return to Sport Program for athletes of all ages. Each program is designed through a collaborative effort between the surgeon, physical therapist and Sterling’s Team Speed trainer. Plus the programs are individualized for every athlete, using an injury-specific approach.

Contact Sterling’s Team Speed at or 303-779-3640.


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