Weight Lifting Modifications

Weight Lifting Modifications for Anterior Instability
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Exercises to Avoid
  • supine lat pull-overs
  • behind-the-neck pull-downs
  • incline bench presses
  • behind-the-neck bar squats
  • shoulder presses
Exercise Modifications

Bench Presses: Alternate between decline and flat bench; use a narrower grip; hand weights off to trainer.

Rows: Use internal rotation grip.

Lat Pull-Downs: Perform anterior only.

Shoulder Presses: Use Smith machine or power rack.

Bar Squats: Hold bar anterior or use center-of-mass bar.

Exercise Progression

Promote muscular strength, coordination and proprioception. Although many important muscles should be included in the progression, focus particularly on strengthening the internal rotators and adductors.

  • pectorals
  • subscapularis
  • latissimus dorsi
  • anterior deltoids
Primary Exercises
man holding barbell
  • short-arc military presses, 30 degrees of motion
  • prone horizontal abduction in internal rotation
  • forward flexion to 90 degrees
  • prone shoulder extension
  • shrugs
  • sidelying external and internal rotation
  • supine punches
  • biceps curls
Closed-Chain Exercises

Perform weight-bearing arm exercises to engage the glenohumeral joint, stimulate joint receptors and create coordinated contractions of the surrounding muscles.

  • balance board (plank position)
  • push-ups, progressing from modified to traditional to medicine ball exercises, beginning with one hand on the ball and one on the floor, and progressing to both hands on the ball


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